Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mom, I'm bored!

Being back home is nice, but it also brings its challenges. The kids (especially Sterling) have a hard time entertaining themselves, especially since I won't let them play video games or watch TV for more than 30 minutes. Except for in the morning, when they get "free" TV time, as long as I'm still asleep. This gives them the incentive to be extra quiet to I can sleep in. Totally selfish reason to let them watch it, but it makes everybody happy!

While I was browsing the internet the other day, looking for crafts for the kids, I saw this idea to make a little "mom, i'm bored" jar. The jar is full with little strips of paper that tell the child what to do. Some things are fun, others are not. By coming to me saying they're bored, they take that chance. Sterling really got into it today. Maybe a little too much.

We also had Sabina Morphis for the day, which was a fun treat for Ginger. Ginger and Sabina have recently become best buds. Whenever we get together with the Morphises, they just wander off with some horses or dress-up dresses.

I know this post is becoming a little random, but I don't want to devote a completely seperate post to our house selling situation, so I'll just mention it here. We're getting quite a few showings, I'd say about 2 per week, but so far no offers. The house has been on the market for over 90 days, and the summer is moving along. We decided that in order to better our chances of selling this summer, we better drop the price. This is of course never a fun or easy decision, but I feel confident it's the right thing to do. Now we know that we've done all we can to sell the house. Now we just need to find that 1 right buyer. Hopefully before too long, so we can move on and start planning the move to Holland.


Wendy said...

I wishedyou would have elaborated on sterling getting too much into it. I am having a hard time with kenzie understanding the consequences of her actions more than 10minutes ago...

Nancy Sabina said...

When I read your post title, my first thought was of that jar (I saw it too on some blog). I'm glad to hear it's working for you.

Good luck with the house!

skideewink said...

I saw the jar and I am making one as well! Bailee and CLAIREE are driving me a little nuts already. But Bailee has a regular babysitting gig, and it is kinda weird as far as it being just me and Claire.

Amber said...

I love the jar idea! I'm stealing it.

Also, can I just say that my husband and I have talked about it and if we were in the market for a house in Texas, we would absolutely buy your house. In a heartbeat. Sadly, our roots are firmly planted in ID!

angela michelle said...

I made one of those jars several years ago and the kids get it out every once in a while. One of the funnest things in it was to go in and out of every room in the house without anyone seeing you.

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