Friday, June 25, 2010

Nose dive

We were flying at a steady altitude of 30,000 feet. The skies were clear ahead. Then, out of nowhere, a storms started brewing, all lights started blinking, instruments failing, and the plane went into a nose dive crash. We haven't crashed yet, but the ground is coming ever so much closer. Maybe if I curl up in a ball it will stop coming closer. Maybe when I open my eyes again in a few hours, we'll be back in the air with blue skies as if the storm/crash never happened.

Okay, we were never in a plane. That's just how my day has been so far. We started with some happy kids playing in their rooms. They made the awesomest fort. The house was clean, and I even got some exercise time in. The skies grew grey as we got into the geo to run some errands. The Air conditioning wasn't working very well, but I could live with that. A little sweat never hurt anyone. I was excited to have the geo back. Now it only costs $4 to go to town, instead of $12. At $12 I don't just jump in the car for some window shopping or extracurricular activities. However, halfway down to McKinney the check engine light came on. No! not again! The last time that happened, I blew the engine which turned into a $1000 job. Stopped at the side of the highway, I felt very blessed to have my cell phone. With the help of a nice stranger and Joe on the phone, I diagnosed no major problems. From then on my eye was closely watching the thermostat.

Sitting in a small car is not very condusive the a peaceful ride. Especially when the kids bicker over any and everything. So my nerves were wearing down. My instruments started failing. My nerves getting shorter. Then it started to rain. And the window wouldn't roll back up again. Stupid car! This car should have been condemned! The plan to watch a movie at the theater is out the window. We're starting to nose dive. The kids keep fighting, and asking me 1000 questions, and begging for candy at the framing shop, and touching things they're not supposed to. Then, when I thought things couldn't get worse, Joe calls me to inform me that our $6300 Erasmus deposit never arrived. The ground is getting closer, and closer, and closer. I want to just cry. I want to curl up in a ball, and make the world go away. I can't wait to open my eyes, and figure out it's all been a dream. But it's not. I can pinch myself and it just hurts.


Catherine M. said...

Oh Jessica, I hope you have found your money and are having a better time now.

Majo said...

Ouch, rotdag dus!
Maar het geld komt vast wel weer boven water!

Wendy said...

HE bah! Dit was geschreven op vrijdag... is het nu al aangekomen?

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