Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What d'ya think?

We got back a few days ago, and life went straight back to normal. Well, like the new normal. The new normal includes keeping a perfectly clean house. It seems easy enough to keep a house clean once it's clean. However, it's easy to think the house is clean, and not do anything for a few days, to then realize it got dirty during those 4 days. Does that make sense?

We've kept the house pretty much tidy all around, but I hadn't done any actual cleaning like vacuuming or scrubbing since we got back. Until I got the call this morning. The people that looked at the house last week, are coming back for a second showing. That's really great news. You would only come back to a house you really like right? At least that's how I was. I think when we were looking for houses, this house was the only one we saw twice. The second showing also brings more anxiety, because they will be LOOKING for things they don't like. Especially if they are thinking about making an offer. They will see all the things I already knew needed work.

All I can do is clean up the house, mow the lawn, and leave. Then wait. One pet peeve I have with realtors is that they never give feedback about the showing. Especially with a lockbox, I have no clue whether the people loved or hated it. Or what they loved or hated about it.


Nancy Sabina said...

Ugh - that would be such a pain to keep the house spotless. Keeping it tidy is one thing, but actually clean is a whole other thing. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Really hope you will get a good offer!

Unknown said...

Just had a little trip down memory lane :)
It IS a nuisance, but worth it, I guess.

Any feedback yet?

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