Saturday, March 13, 2010


No need for words

Okay, maybe a quick few words. We drove all through the night, and made it to Tallahassee by 9am. Today is Sterling's birthday, so we had a nice birhtday breakfast at Ihop. The kids got happy faced pancakes. The house is amazing. It's a few miles further down the beach from where we were last year, closer to the end of Alligator point. The other 2 families are still making their way here, having been caught up in traffic and work. That's why I prefer driving at night. No kids asking every 2 minutes: How much longer? And no traffic jams. Plus, we got to take a nap in a house, that is slightly rocking us to sleep (from the wind).

I am soo excited about a week full of nothing. Well, except sleep, sunbathing, reading, and good times with friends. Thanks Allreds, for letting us into your secret world of the "Florida beach"


Renee Campbell said...

Excellent pictures!

Wendy said...

wat lekker! Zomaar ineens??

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