Monday, March 29, 2010

Calm after the heat

Heat does magical things. It turns children into angels. All 3 are sitting on the bed, quietly reading a book. That never happens. Except tonight. After spending over an hour in the hottub. Tonight was Family Home Evening, and for a special activity I thought it would be fun to make use of that great pool. We never know how much longer we get to enjoy it. We might as well use up the gas we paid for. I hadn't planned it out very well, and didn't preheat. As soon as I announced the plan, the kids were jumping up and down to get in. It took a good 20 minutes to warm up enough for me, but they got in after just 10 minutes. After a while it was really roasty, and Sterling was the first to jump into the 60 degree pool. Soon Winter and Ginger followed. They just had so much fun playing in the water. We also had fun identifying some of the constalations. And now they're calm. Almost calm enough for me to let them stay up. However.... tomorrow is a school day, and if I let them stay up any longer, they'll be little helliens tomorrow. So I'm off to get them in bed. Sorry no picture... it looked really cool too; with the team coming off the water and the green glow from the pool light.

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Wendy said...

it like living on a resort, except you are the maid, pool boy, cook, server..... ;)

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