Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crappy birdday

That's what we say when someone is a year older. Today that's Joe. He's a mighty ripe age of 34. I don't know if his birthday set on my dream last night. I dreamt that I was at a social gathering, talking to different people. They were all college age. I think we were all at an orientation meeting or something. At one point we went around the circle telling our age, and I was super embarrassed to be "almost 30".

I went with my family's birthday tradition. We came into the room singing happy birthday songs, bearing gifts, and breakfast in bed. Over the years we haven't always done this, especially since the kids go to school so early, but I like that tradition. That way, you have all day to play with your new toys. Joe's new toys are mechanix gloves and a real cowboy hat. Now he really fits in
After checking on his cattle, he came back in the house saying: "I've got to get used to taking corners a little wider, now that I've got this hat". Oh how I love that man!

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Nancy Sabina said...

Well Crappy Birdday, Jose! I think the hat looks awesome. Now he really looks the part of "hick farmer".

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