Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The hottub night sparked the idea to have another hottub party. This time only with girls. So I invited my closest friends over for a "hottub girls night". It was so fun. Nice to catch up with everybody, soak, laugh, eat treat, and decompress. We had 5 in the tub, which was perfect. Not too crowded, yet enough people to have fun conversations.

Today it was back to regular same old stuff. We have a showing tomorrow, and this is a lady that I KNOW likes the house. She's never seen the inside, but she's done a bunch of research. She drove by it, so I know she won't be turned off by the dirt road. She saw the before renovation pictures, and told me she loves the work we've done. They live out in real boony land (if this isn't boony enough already), and they want to move closer to McKinney. We're "only" 25 minutes from his job. Unfortunately I won't be able to meet her, since I'll be working.

With the house still being clean from Saturday (shocker!), I ventured outside. I mowed the lawn with the riding mower, then with the push mower. I pulled weed from the "flower" beds by the front door (something I haven't done once in the past 2.5 years!). I've swept the pool floor over and over, with the filter running. Raked leaves out of it. Fixed the chemicals. And I even got in a nap, cooked dinner, and played a coin battle of Mario brothers with Joe. Wow! Now that's a productive day!


Renee Campbell said...

No kidding that is productive! You go girl!! And BTW last night was awesome =)

Majo said...

Voelt goed hè, als je zo lekker veel gedaan hebt? Jammer dat dat vaak zo'n stressoorzaak heeft. Maar dan heb je er in ieder geval ook plezier van.

Wendy said...

and you called me which was totally awesome!

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