Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brighten my day

Sometimes it doesn't take much to brighten my day. Today at the Bonham hardware store, I went in to buy some muriatic acid for our pool. I'd never been to that hardware store, so I asked the (20 somewhat year old) gal where it was located. She hesitated, and then proceeded to tell me. When I got back to the counter, she quizzically looked at me, and asked: Are you 18 yet?

Oh what a beautiful question! I started laughing and thanked her for the compliment. In fact, I haven't heard that question in a long time. I responded that I was in fact 18, and actually closer to 30 than I'd ever like to think about. She assured me I certainly don't look it, upon which I thanked her again. The gal probably has no idea how much good she has done today.

Recently I have become really conscious of my age, especially when I developed a humongous wrinkle right across my forehead. Then I noticed the start of 2 more, parallel to the first. They are Max wrinkles. I have nothing against my dad's wrinkles, but he's a guy, plus he's "old"! (sorry dad) It just seems like the inevitable has started happening. My body is starting to degenerate. I'm past my prime. My back hurts when I sit on the ground too long, my eyelids are drooping a little, the veins on my hands are popping up; like my grandma's hands used to. It's not like I feel old, just that I can see the changes. I am starting to realize that I won't be 21 forever.

But today, if only for a few moments, I forgot all about that. I was that 17 year old again, caught sneaking to buy something I wasn't allowed. Except this time, it was allowed, and somebody thought I was 12 years younger!

PS. Posts like these, make me wish I had the clever writing skills of my friend Amber. She expresses her feelings and emotions so well, that all her readers can really relate.

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Wendy said...

I remember when you were 18 and I was 15 someone thought we were twins and oh how mad you were, then they proceed to ask who was the younger one since we are not twins, and they guessed you were the younger one, oh how mad you were.. I guess it is paying off now isn't it!

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