Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I did it. I sent in the paperwork. Our house will be on the MLS in the next 48 hours. It's bitter sweet for me. I have really come to love this house, pool, and land. I love the animals. I love the quiet. I'm going to miss it like crazy. But, alas... life goes on. Joe's career needs a boost.

I set up a blog for the house, so I can have more pictures and descriptions than the MLS allows. It's still under construction.

There are still a few things that need some serious attention before we're really ready for the first people to look at our house. The back patio needs to be laid, the front door needs some work, and a bunch of trash needs to be picked up around the yard. Oh, and Joe's office is still a warzone. We're keeping ourselves cooped up all weekend, and hopefully knocking a bunch of those projects out. Basically I just want it to be on the market before spring break, when hopefully hords of people will want to come see it (thinking positive thoughts here).

I had a dream a few days ago, that tons and tons of people came to look at the house, and I hadn't even offically put it on the market yet. There were so many people, that they had to park in the lawn. One guy even offered cash on the spot. We also discovered another bedroom. A girl can dream right?


Wendy said...

don't you hate it when you realize that it was just a dream

Nancy Sabina said...

hehehehe, you discovered another bedroom. Sign me up for that if it works!
Good luck!

Monica said...

Wow - Jessica. I'll be waiting to see where you guys are off to. You're braver than me - I hate change and would cringe at the thought of moving, going back to school and all that. But it will be an adventure! Good luck selling your house.

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