Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Worst Date ever

I am so glad I never have to go out on a date with anyone but my husband again. When I was in college, I dated a lot. Once I even had 2 dates in 1 day. Most of those dates were fun, and I enjoyed the company. However, when I think back, there is one date that stands out as the worst date ever.

A guy in my dance class had asked me out several times. I can't remember his name, so I'll call him Bob. I wasn't remotely interested in spending any time with Bob, so I declined his offer. Then I felt bad. I should at least give him a chance, right? So I agreed to go out with him. We would go to a movie. Couldn't be too bad right?

Bob planned to take me to a movie. He had some sort of gift tickets, and they were for the afternoon movie, so we went early. I was fine with this, because it would mean that I would be home early too. We got to the theater, only to discover that the movie was more than he had thought, and he didn't think the ticket would cover the price. The problem: he had no money.

The first mistake he made, was to ask if I had any money (now looking back, that wasn't so horrible to ask, but back then, I was insulted). I didn't. I never took my purse on a date. So we left the theater, and headed to his apartment. He was going to get some money to make up the difference for the ticket price.

I was mortified when he pulled out a big old jar (or old gumball machine) full of pennies. At this point I was wishing I did have some money. Bob knew it would take him a while to count the money, so he turned on a movie. The titanic. One of my favorite movies at that time. I had never enjoyed that movie less.

After Bob finished counting, we headed back to the theater. We went up to the window, and found out that his ticket worked just fine, even without the 300 pennies now bulging in his pockets. Relief set in, when I realized I wouldn't be further humiliated when he pulled hands full of pennies out.

At this point, I thought the date couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. As we were walking in the theater, I spotted no one other than the cute dancer, Kevin, that I had had a crush on. I didn't want to be seen with this other guy!! So I ducked passed him, and into the movie. After the movie was over, I couldn't help myself, and went over to say hi to Kevin against my better judgment.

In retrospect, this was probably also Bob's worst date ever. I can't imagine finally going out with a girl that has rejected you several times, get to the theater without enough money, ask her for money, having to take her to your apartment and let her see you only have pennies to spare, get back to the theater only to find out you didn't need those pennies in the first place, and then having to stand by as she talks to some other guy. I don't know who was worse off, me or Bob?


Julie Carroll said...

Jessica, thank you for the GREAT laugh!!

Will of the hill said...

I think you are worse off--It marked you for life--Bob is still probably paying for his lunch at McD's with the loose change in his car--lol
That was the funniest story ever!!

Monica said...

I would say Bob, poor guy. Maybe he can laugh about it now too.

Amber said...

That was so flippin funny! I think it is a toss up as to who had it worse! I am sooo glad he didn't have to count out his pennies!!

Stillman and Michelle said...

too funny. Ah memories. I think I can top it. My worst date was a blind date. He wasn't a member of the church and before the date we sat down in his office to get to know each other a little before the date. In which he told me everything wrong with my religion, and everything right about his. I almost went straight home, but then decided this guy owed me a free movie. what a jerk. I was on another date later with a friend and saw him at the same movie theatre. Alone.

مهدي said...

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Farmer Joe said...

???? - you have enter the realm of cyber-stalker. You are free to visit MY WIFE'S blog, but you may not bug molest her about her failure to enter into a private dialogue with you. In short, BACK OFF!


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