Sunday, August 10, 2008


I wasn't able to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, but I have tried to watch as much as I can the past 2 days. Some of my favorite events are Gymnastics, diving, biking, and I can't think of others right now. The one thing that sucks though, is that I only get 1 channel that broadcasts the Olympics, so I get stuck with whatever NBC decides they want to show.
Today is women's gymnastics. It really is amazing what these girls women can do. I almost like it when they mess up, because it shows just how hard it really is. Whenever I am watching it, my kids ask: how can they do that? I don't think they can grasp the idea that these ladies probably train 6 hours a day for the past 13 years, to be able to do this stuff.
Joe hasn't found a manager in Chicago yet, so I'm settling in for another week without him. But at least it's been a little cooler here, so we have been able to do some more things outside, so that's been nice.


Nancy Sabina said...

It feels like I've done nothing BUT watch the Olympics for the last two days. I can't keep up this pace for the next two weeks, but it sure is fun trying!

Todd and Amyjoy said...

Hi. We spent alot of time watching the Olympics this weekend too. Each of our kids have Olympics flags and we made an Olympics flag cake. I think I may blog that one. It has been so fun. We even got the kids in pjs at 5:00 last night, got out our blankets and cuddled until bedtime. Lots of fun.
Anyway, hang in there with Joe being gone. Rent some movies, bake cookies, watch the Olympics,you know have some fun. It may make the time go by faster. I hope things change for him soon.

Amber said...

We too love the Olympics in our family! I can't get enough of the swimming events, seeing as how my dream growing up was to be an Olympic swimmer. Some dreams die hard :) Wouldn't it be amazing to actually go to the Olympics one day!

angela michelle said...

ugh! another long week for you! you're definitely going to have to get creative on ways to keep everyone occupied.

Jenny said...


I don't know what happened to your post on taking a day off, but I think you totally deserve it and it is totally acceptable. It's not like you're taking off to go waste all your money in a casino or something. My husband sometimes gives me his precious saturdays so I can sleep in and get out of the house by myself without the kids, and it is always so needed and refreshing. Way to go you!

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