Sunday, August 3, 2008

Water and Air flow

It sure was nice to have Joe back home. WAS. Yes, he just left again! He hasn't been able to find a competent manager for his Chicago office, so he has to go back yet again. Anyways, I took full advantage of his time here. He got home kind of late Friday (8pm), with my mother-in-law and nephew Levi. I gave him a break that night, and we watched a nice movie together. When I had gotten home on Friday morning, I noticed a lot of water on our driveway. It had stormed while I was gone, so I didn't know if it was just runoff from that, or what. When I checked several hours later however, there was still a steady flow of water. The water was coming out of the ground in the same spot as our last leak, so I worried the fix had broken. I turned off the water at the bottom of our property, and started rationing water. I filled up some pitchers for hand washing, and drinking water. We also brought a bucket of pool water in for flushing the toilets. It is amazing how little water you really need. For example, when I wash my hands, I just let the water run while I am lathering. I could turn on the water, get my hands wet, turn off the water, lather, turn on the water, rinse, and turn off the water. You can see why I don't do this. Too much work! This got me reflecting on our last months $300 water bill. Maybe I could cut it down, if I didn't waste so much (and stopped running the 20-zone sprinkler system). So Joe dug up a big whole, and we figured out it wasn't the old fix that broke, but another part broke. Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year at 105 degrees (feeling like 110), but that didn't stop my super husband! We brought water out to him about every 10 minutes. It was amazing how much water he drank, and he needed that much!
After he was done fixing the water pipes, he moved right onto working on our Geo metro. He is pulling the whole engine apart, and thinks we need to get new head gaskets. What can this man, NOT do?? He was on a role, so after dinner we worked for several hours together hanging 2 ceiling fans that we bought like 2 months ago. I love having a fan in my bedroom, so I can keep the AC a little higher, and still feel cool. We didn't finish until 11.30pm, at which time we just crashed! Poor Joe had to be at his church meeting at 7.15am, and now is off to another week in Chicago. I don't know where he gets all his energy!


angela michelle said...

So glad you've got water again. Sounds like you got a lot of work out of that husband in one day! We love having a ceiling fan in the bedroom too.

Nancy Sabina said...

What a good man. I'm glad you got to have him back for a little bit anyway. Good luck with another week of him gone!

hmx said...

very good Ms Mesica.

hmx said...

Sorry Ms. Jessica I write wrong your name, sorry again.
I am Hamid From Iran.

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