Saturday, August 2, 2008

Special Visit

We have had a special visitor since last night. Grandma A came over for a sleepover. This was the first time she has spent the night at our house. The kids loved getting individual attention from her. She played the game of Life twice, once with Winter, and once with Sterling and Levi. She also read spooky stories out of Winter's encyclopedia, painted pictures with the Girls, and played with Sterling's new Pirate ship.
All the kids participated in the library's summer reading program. They earned their circus tickets that way, and yesterday there was a big celebration at the elementary school. There was food (hot dogs, cotton candy, cookies, chips, popcorn, soda), games, and LOTS of prizes. I think there were about 40 kids, and they all got a prize, and some 2. These were good prizes too! The average cost was probably about $10. Somehow, each of my kids got to have 2 prizes! They have been having a lot of fun playing with their new toys.

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