Saturday, August 30, 2008

like your mother

You know how guys pick a wife that's like their mother? Joe sure did.
I am a planner. So is Liz.
We are going to Disney World in a month! I am a kids at heart, and LOVE it there. Joe and I had the opportunity when we were first married to do an internship at WDW. (really only Joe).

We took off from Utah in our geo metro, stuffed with all our personal belongings, and headed for Texas.This was right before Christmas 2000, so we spent that Christmas here in Texas. After a good 2 week visit, we headed out again, this time for Florida. Florida is about another 24 from Texas. Our belongings included: computer, cat, fan, clothes, pots and pans, toiletries etc. The cat sat on my lap most of the way there. When I got bored I started cutting the hair off its tail, and after a while it looked like this.The first 2 weeks in Florida were miserable for me. I didn't have a job, or a car. I was pretty much stuck in our dumpy little apartment. Luckily we had some nice people in the ward who gave us some furniture, tv, and microwave. I walked to target frequently and bought movies. After applying for some jobs in the neighborhood, Joe found out about an opening at his work.

After a few month there, we got some free tickets do Disney. We were able to visit the parks at night for a few hours at a time. This is the best way to go by the way. So anyways, we are going to Disney with our friends the Judds. It's only 5 weeks away now! I have lists galore and am planning the menu already. Like I said: a planner.

Tiffani and I first me in September 2005. We were both pregnant at the time, and due around the same time too. I remember specifically what the situation was. We were doing some craft at church, and she was going off on something a doctor had done in delivery of her friend's baby. I guess the doctor hadn't planned very well, and ended up doing a T C-section.

I just loved the way Tiffani spoke her mind. I like to speak my mind too. Most of my closest friends in the past have been like that too. The thing that bugs me the most about some people is that they smile and nod at you when you're there, but then talk about you behind your back. If there's something I did that you don't like, tell me. Then I can defend myself, or just agree to disagree. (don't start emailing me with a laundry list of things I have done in the past that ticked you off, it needs to be reported within a week of the incident)

Tiffani and I have kept in touch since we moved from Idaho. She actually moved to Oregon just a few months after we moved away. I was so happy that she didn't leave without me! Maybe we can move to Oregon next! It sure is green there (as seen on our Oregon coast vacation last year). I am super duper excited!!!!


angela michelle said...

Your haircut on that cat is hilarious. How did you get it to hold still enough to do it?

Amber said...

Okay that cat picture is so funny. I too want to know how on earth you got the cat hold so still? Anyway, have fun at Disney World. So jealous!

wannabee free said...

What is up with your new profile picture? You look like a 12 year old. Just \how old is that pic? I wouldn't even think it was you. how funny!
I'm jealous too. I hope you have good weather and the hurricanes have moved on.I can't believe you're better friends with the Judds than you are with us! ( just kidding!) I know, I know, you guys are just richer than we are. :)

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm super-dee-duper excited, too. I'm counting down the HOURS until we leave (539 and a half). Not much looking forward to the flight with 4 little ones, though:). So really, Jessica, you give me too much credit for speaking my mind. I usually get pretty mouthy when I'm prego.

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