Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baking together

Yesterday the kids were getting restless, and there was way too much contention between them. I decided they must be bored, so we made sugar cookies together. As part of my coupon shopping, I had gotten free cookie mix, so all you have to add was eggs and butter. We pulled the cookie shapes out of the deep recesses of the cupboards and started creating. Winter wanted to make some Christmas cookies, so we pulled those out too. I haven't baked sugar cookies in a long time, so they ended up too brown, and crispy. But I guess they still served their purpose (keep the kids occupied).
I have been feeling the baking itch the past few days, so today I decided to try out a new bread recipe. Even though I usually prefer to make the kind of wheat bread that you only have to let rise once, I decided to try out the triple rise variety. Supposedly the most rises, the better the taste. I grabbed some whole wheat from our food storage, and got to grinding. Both Winter and Ginger were very interested in the grinding process. We ground the wheat about 3 times, and they enjoyed seeing the wheat turn from berries, to flour. The first mixture (yeast, flour, water) is rising right now, and almost ready for additional ingredients. I hope the bread turns out!


angela michelle said...

Sounds like a great way to keep everyone happy and occupied!

Nancy Sabina said...

Naomi and Asher love to help me bake too. Don't you feel so...Mom-ish when you're doing it?

Amber said...

I use the baking thing as a boredom cure in our house too. Works like a charm! I do have a really simple, yet yummy, sugar cookie recipe if you ever run out of your freebies!

wannabee free said...

you're a pro. i'm sure it will turn out great!

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