Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whooo HOOO!

Guess what tomorrow is! Back to school day! I love my kids, but I am so happy that they can go back to school. Sterling was kind of out of luck last year, because there wasn't a good preschool around. He is super excited to go to Kindergarten. We met his teacher last Friday, and she is by far the best kindergarten teacher at the elementary school. Winter's old teacher was stiff, impersonable, kind of mean, and altogether weird. Sterling's teacher is happy, engaging, friendly, and very nice.

The only downside to school is that I have to start using my alarm clock again. Oh, how much I hate that thing. It doesn't matter that happy songs play when it turns on, the fact is, it arouses me from my precious slumber. It won't be too hard in the beginning, because it will at least be light outside. But then come the days of November, December, January, and February, where it seems like that little black box is waking me in the middle of the night.

If only I could go to sleep at 10pm. I know that if I do that, I have less problems in the morning. But nighttime is so liberating! It's a time that Joe is off work (unless he's in Chicago), and we can just spend time together. Also, somehow the local TV networks know just which shows I will get addicted to, and play as many of those as possible.

Another summer has flown by, and I am again a year older. This year I might actually be able to help out at school, since I just have Ginger at home. I would love to go to the classroom and help out, and see firsthand how my kids are being edumecated.


Nancy Sabina said...

How exciting to have just one child at home! Good luck Sterling and Winter!

Monica said...

It seems like just yesterday Sterling was in my nursery class. Good luck with that evil alarm clock. I feel your pain.

Amber said...

Mark and I were just talking about how our lives have not been run on an alarm clock in years. Not even sure if ours works anymore. I so dread that day! How fun to only have one at home though! I would say that will be great because you can get so much done, but even when Cora is in preschool and I just have Claire at home it seems like I get nothing accomplished!

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