Friday, March 2, 2012


I realize the only thing I've talked about on my blog is baby-related, which only makes sense since I live, breathe, and eat baby. After 2 weeks of having little Miles at home, routine has somewhat set in. Most nights go by in a blur, and I often fall asleep during feedings and barely remember what time the last feeding was. One advantage to such sleep deprivation, is that it becomes possible to sleep any time of day for as long as I want (well actually, only for as long as Miles lets me).
Miles in the beautiful cradle that Earl made him

Days are pretty uneventful. After Winter and Sterling are off to school, I try to keep Ginger occupied with reading, baths, movies, or playing until she heads to kindergarten. I keep busy holding Miles, feeding Miles, bathing Miles, and changing Miles' diapers.
Miles loves messing his diaper as soon as I change him, and pees on me every chance he gets. I try to squeeze in a load of laundry every now and then, do some dishes here and there, and do an occasional vacuum. I live in my pajamas. Partly because there's no good reason to get dressed, but mostly because I have virtually nothing else to wear. There's no way I can fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants, and the last week of the pregnancy I busted out of 2 of my maternity jeans. I have to come to terms with the reality of having to buy some larger-sized jeans to get me through the upcoming months until the weight comes off.
More than with any of my other kids, I feel like a hermit. The desire to get out of the house hasn't set in much yet, as it seems like such a hassle. The other difference with my other kids' baby experiences is that fact that I relish each moment. I love the stage Miles is in right now. I don't want it to end, because I know that it will be over sooner than I can blink. With the other kids I was alway looking for the next milestone.
All these great photos were taken by my good friend Tiffani Judd, who came up last week and spent all day with me, capturing sweet little Miles.


Maddy S said...

I love updates on baby Miles. Keep them up. I LOVE the pictures. She did a fantastic job. He's so adorable. I am glad you get to enjoy him so much. It's nice your kids for the most part go to school because these days truly go by too fast and it would be a lot harder to cuddle a lot if you had a bunch of other little kids around all day.

Nancy said...

Adorable photos!

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