Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Slowly but surely I'm getting to know more people. Through our ward, and also at the kids' school. It's so fun to live by so many women that are similar to me. Several kids, early thirties, and active lifestyle. The people we are surrounded by really make a big difference in quality of life. It does take me coming out of my comfort zone to actually get to know new people. The little things like walking inside the school when dropping off Ginger, make a big difference.

In June there's a fun race called the "Dirty Dash". It's a run through mud, under and over obstacles. A few ladies from church are running it with me, so I'm excited to get in shape for it, and also getting to know them better.

We are also looking for houses. We get the new listings, but the pickings are slim. Most newly listed homes are either really small, don't have enough land for Joe's workshop, or are way too expensive. The more I way the options, the more I lean towards building instead. We love living in new houses, and that way we can pick exactly which floorplan works best for our family. And living in Utah, you have the advantage of unfinished basements. Plus, having a month-to-month on our basement would make it an easy option. No time restraints or hurries.

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