Monday, March 12, 2012

Delicate Arch

There's a reason Delicate Arch is Utah's symbol. It's grandiose and takes your breath away. Even after Saturday's hike it was worth it to make another hike to see this landmark. The trail up to the arch has no shade, and I was thankful for the temperate weather and slight breeze. Especially since I was also carrying little Miles.

On these kind of outings the kids get most excited about catching lizards
climbing on rocks
and pushing themselves to the limit
Bringing a 3-week old baby on this type of outing is really quite simple. Miles is light enough to carry, slept 95% of the time, and I don't even have to pack any food for him. (well, technically I am carrying his food) The only worry I had was the heat. My wrap isn't too hot, but with the constant sun beating down, I regularly checked to make sure he wasn't sweaty.
All the tourist took turns taking photos under the arch. Almost as if we're the only ones there...
This is Sterling's "serious" face. In front of petroglyphs.
Photography is a big hobby of mine. I've seen some photographs of Delicate Arch at nighttime, and it is my goal next time we're down there to get a similar shot.


Emma said...

I love sterlings 'serious' face :D!!!

Wendy said...

so cool!

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