Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grandpa AC

We've been blessed with the opportunity to have our grandparents around for a long time. My first grandparent passed away when I was in college, and now at age 31 I still have 2 left (starting at 6). Of course marrying Joe gave me additional grandparents, all of whom I have come to love as my own. While we lived in Texas, grandma Helen Benac lived in Plano. I got to spend the most time with her, as her caretaker a few times every week. While we lived in Holland, we made it our mission to visit my grandpa Valk at least every 2 months. Now that we live in Utah, we get the chance to visit with Joe's grandpa AC frequently. Grandpa AC lives in Fillmore, about a 2 hour drive from our house. Grandpa recently got remarried to a sweet lady Marge. They are really cute together, and make each other very happy.

Today we made the drive down to Fillmore, and introduced AC's 52nd great grandson to him
We spent the day chatting and making hamburgers for lunch. The kids had fun riding around on grandpa's lawn tractor and feeding the neighboring horse.
And no, I don't like to look at pictures of myself right now, but it's good to document anyways.
It's truly a blessing to be able to spend time with our grandparents!

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Ruthie said...

You didn't know it, but on the same day you were visiting Grandpa I was at the temple beginning the work for his mother Othelia and his aunt Irma (Earl's brother). Somehow the fact that he was enjoying his newest grandchild born in the covenant just makes the whole thing even more special.

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