Monday, February 27, 2012


I feel so guilty for the pain I'm about to put my sweet little Miles through. I've done it to Sterling, and about 50% of the US population does it to their sons. I'm talking about circumcision. Who ever came up with this crazy idea anyways?

This is why they should perform this surgery before you come home from the hospital. At that time the baby has just been through a tough birth, and mom is still hopped on drugs to think too much about the implications. The choice is still mine, and I still choose to go through with it for several reasons. I can see medical benefits as well as social benefits. But that doesn't mean my heart doesn't ache for him.

That brings me to pain management. The use of local anesthetic is common practice, but what about the days after that wears off? If I were to undergo a similar surgery, I'd want to be on opiates for at least a week. Miles has been a perfect little baby. He rarely cries, and if he does, I can easily figure out what's wrong with him and soothe him. But what will he feel like this afternoon, or tomorrow? The best I can do, is to love and cuddle him as much as possible, and hopefully he'll know his mom still loves him despite this upcoming event.


Nancy Sabina said...

They've done all my boys' before we left the hospital. Sometimes less than 24 hours after they were born! Good luck, Miles!

Wendy said...

how did it go?

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