Monday, February 13, 2012

Can I still do that?

To me a fun thing about being 9 months pregnant is the challenge to see what I can still get away with. I still shovel snow, go shopping for 7 hours straight, and go sledding. I figure, since I'm still feeling pretty good why not? And the exercise has got to be good too.

Midway has a really fun sledding hill. It's sledding for cheaters. With a lift that drags you to the top. The runs are groomed, and nice puffy innertubes carry you down the hill. We went with Joe's sister Angela's family. My first run was a little bit scary. I just sat with my bum in the hole, and wizzed down the mountain. Little did I know, that I picked the fasted lane. And somehow I forgot to follow the instruction to slow down at the bottom, and ended up flying through the little orange fences. I quickly discovered that the most comfortable way down was actually on my belly. My belly fit perfectly inside the tube hole, and it almost felt like I wasn't pregnant at all! I'd do anything to have that feeling of not having a gigantic belly sticking out.

As my due date approaches (Feb 22), I'm getting more and more impatient for this baby to come. I've got plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions, so at least my body is thinking about it. I want to know that he's healthy. I want to (somewhat) have my own body back. My other kids all came between 2-5 days early, which means that if I follow that trend, the baby could be here as soon as Friday! Or maybe I get lucky, and he'll come even earlier. I'm pretty much prepared. The clothes are put away, most of the sewing is done, and tonight I even packed my hospital bag. I ordered a diaper bag online, and can't wait to pack that and be completely ready.

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Wendy said...

Haha I can just see you go down :D
Its crazy to think you'll have a little baby again! Make sure You call me!!!

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