Sunday, February 5, 2012

We go way back

One fun thing about living in Utah, is getting together with long-time friends. Friends we made in Boise, who have since moved to Utah as well. Yesterday the Simmons family spent the day with us in Midway.

I still remember the first time we met Jill and Mike, and their cute little baby girl Lizzy. We were sitting in sunday school class, and they came in and sat on the back row. This was around December 2002. Winter was almost a year old, and we had just bought our first house on Moon Place. You know how sometimes you just look around, and say to yourself: I want to be friends with her? Well, that's exactly what I thought about Jill. The Simmons technically lived on our same street, across from the large feeder road. Soon we were hanging out at each other's houses, attending playgroup, book club, and babysitting coop together. We both had another baby, a boy this time, in the next year.

Eventually we both bought new homes, and moved to different places. We kept in touch, and when they moved to France for a year, this kind of sparked a desire for me to move back to my home country and experience Europe with my husband and kids. By chance we both picked Utah to move to, and now we live less than an hour away. It took the kids a little bit to re-acquaint with each other, but before long all we could hear were giggles and laughs from their playing.

We like to take visitors up the local canyon and find a spot to sled. This time, we stayed fairly low, and (I think) ended up on a golf course. The sledding was sweet! (My camera took horrible pictures, and I REALLY NEED a new lens!!!!)
I went down just a few times with hope against hope that this baby would decide to come a few weeks early
Winter and Lizzy back in 2007 before we moved to Texas
And all the way back in April 2003

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