Sunday, January 3, 2010


I feel like I was picked up by a tornado 10 days ago, and just got spit out, and hit the ground. There was no down time. We wizzed by Christmas, Family dinners, New Years, and a baptism. But now there is peace. Time to reflect on the blessings of friends and family. Our home saw 44 visitors in the past three days. Some came multiple times.

The continuous party at our house started with New Years Eve. In the past, we've always put the kids to bed early, to have time for an adult party. We would have an elaborate raclette meal. However, since the kids are getting older, and more kids were coming over, we let them stay up later. I still wanted to have an extraordinary/fancy dinner, so we opted for Cheese fondue. 8 lbs, and 2 bottles of wine later our bellies were full of scrumptiousness. I have to admit, it couldn't compare to the relaxing adult dinner party.

We barely allowed enough time for the cheese to settle, before the furniture was moved back, and the dance party started. Some awesome 80s music will liven up any party! Breakdancing, the worm, and plain crazy dancing set the stage. Besides the "normal" dancing, we also busted out the Wii Dance Dance revolution. Even though only 1 person can be on the dance mat at a time, that didn't stop everybody else to practice their moves on the sidelines.

The bonfire was a complete flop. The snow had created horrible mud, plus the wood was soaked. The branches we also not packed enough, so the only thing that really burned were gallons upon gallons of gasoline. Everyone came back inside, with just 30 seconds to spare before midnight. As soonas toasts were done, the wii came back on, and we danced and played the night away.

After dragging ourselves out of bed the next morning, we were a bit dismayed at the state of our house. We had partied hard! Mud everywhere! But we couldn't rest, because party part 2 was coming in just a few short hours. William Allred brought another bundle of teenage boys. 40 cans of chili, mountains of cheese, corn chips, and hot chocolate were divoured. Our back door was opened and closed about 500 times (no kidding). Blood was shed, and romances born. Somewhere in this madness our remote control went missing. The wii provided yet another group of people with laughter, frustration, and embarrasment. What a great way to ring in the new year!

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