Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating, shopping, and walking

What a day! I slept soundly, until the phone rang at 9am. The traffic and other city noises don't bother me at all. I spent the whole day with Kate and Alberto. Kate is Joe's sister's husband's sister. Or, easier said: my brother-in-law's sister. They were great tour guides. Being new to New York themselves, they are still in awe with the city, like me.
We started the day off by a stroll through central park, to the boathouse. It's a fancy restaurant, but they also have a cafe, where they sell great pastries. Walking through the park, the famous sites just keep coming. One day, I still want to see the park in the spring or summer, when everything is green.

We made our way down to south of the park, where all the shopping starts. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vitton, Versacy, and all the other designer stores are really intimidating. I've never dared to actually go into one of those stores. I would stand out like a sore thumb, and probably faint if I saw their prices. I stuck to stores of my caliper, like H&M and Gap. It's weird to think that I would go clothes shopping at least once a week when I was a teenager. Now, I'm lucky to go shopping at Old Navy twice a year.

Another store I was introduced to for the first time is FAO Schwartz. It's the biggest, and most amazing toy store ever. They have life size, stuffed animals, tons of doll brands, a whole section devoted to Barbies, and any other toy imaginable.
This is THE barbie of my childhood. One time, after one of my parents' vacations, they came home with it. Now I wonder when and where they got it. Anyways... I still have the dress, and shawl to this day. Unfortunately Winter and Ginger don't put as much value in her, so I think the actual Barbie is now in a Barbie graveyard.
Dee, who couldn't come because of a serious surgery, had her birthday today. She loves FAO Schwarz, and so I thought I'd electronically dress up a barbie for her birthday. So Dee; this is you in New York city. With your glamarous pink sparkle blouse, fabulous jeans, and purse. Happy Birthday, and I think about you all the time here.
There were even Twilight Barbies, but to my disappointment they only had Bella and Edward. Maybe it was too hard to make a Jacob barbie, because he has too many muscles.

New York has quite a few beggars. At one point we walked past a man, who had his cat sitting there, with a bowl of food, and a sign asking for money. I thought it was so ridiculous, and wanted to take a picture. The guy got totally mad, and started telling me I couldn't take a picture. I reminded him he was on a public street, and I could take a picture of anything I wanted. He started yelling in my face, and waving a dollar bill, that he could stop me from taking a picture, unless I would pay him. Unbelievable!!
Can you see the cat with the green sweater behind his legs? I actually thought it was hilarious that I got into a standoff with this bum/scammer. Kate and Antonio thought I was crazy.

For lunch we stopped at a Halal Food Cart, which is (i think) Greek food. On the recommendation of, I ordered a lamb gyro and falafel ball. Man, that was gooood!! I spent pretty much the whole afternoon shopping, and then we headed to Annie's house. We then had a great dinner at an Italian place, after which we headed over to a comedy club.

The PIT has a very discreet and small entrance. The club is actually on the second floor, so the door is all you see from the street. The Pit is an improv theater, where groups perform skits. Think Saturday night live. The Harvard Sailing Team performed, and they were hilarious. It's hard to find good, clean humor, and that's exactly what they provided.

I wonder how many miles I walked today. I'm glad I brought some comfy sneakers in addition to my cowboy boots!


Hef's Mom said...

We went to New York in September 08 and it was so beautiful. If you go to the Empire State Building there is a great restaurant on the first level.

Unknown said...

Ach ja, die Barbie...
Maar ik weet echt niet meer precies waar ik haar heb gekocht. Nu ik erover nadenk geloof ik dat het in Italiƫ of Oostenrijk was, in ieder geval in een piepklein winkeltje; dat weet ik nog wel.

Anonymous said...

I love NYC, we went Dec 20th with the snow storm. That wa amazing and funny, since everybody was so excited.
Love to try all the foods etc.

PS: bet you that the scummer was a working guy trying to make some extra - very populair in London.

Unknown said...

The halal cart, I thought, was great thanks for the recommendation for next time were out and about Rockefeller Center. Had fun touring with you. We'd love to get a copy of the photo in central park, very nicely shot :)

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