Friday, January 22, 2010

Alone among Millions

... was going to be the title for this post. My girls weekend to New York City turned into a solo trip, when one friend had to have surgery and the other decided not to go. Waiting to get on the plane, I couldn't help but longingly looking over to a group of girls who were obviously having their own girls weekend. I sat in an empty row, with an empty seat on either side of me.

However, I wasn't alone for long. Joe's cousin Annie came to the rescue, and was waiting at Mary's house upon arrival. I love family. Annie is the sweetest person. Having only been to NYC once before, I didn't really have any idea where I wanted to go. I love sushi, and haven't had any in a while. That reminded Annie of a place called "St Marks". It's a fun street with lots of vendors, and a great sushi place. The street vendors all sell the same things.

We were drawn in by the super cute knit hats and gloves. We both found some
Before my trip, I had done a bunch of research into restaurants, and had found "Pomme Frites". A tiny restaurant that sells Belgian Fries. We were just walking along, when all of a sudden Annie exclaimed: "There's Belgian fries!!" Belgian fries are nice and fat, and delicious with German Mayonnaise. The mayonnaise they sell in Holland and Belgium is 1000 times better than the stuff they sell here. I can't believe we just stumbled upon this place. The fries were beckoning me, so I filled my belly, even though I had just finished eating sushi, a mere 10 minutes previous.
Have I mentioned how I LOVE the subway system? It's the easiest to navigate, and gets you where you want to be (relatively) fast. Of course I've done more walking today, than in the past month, so my feet are little sore in my fab cowboy boots. Totally worth it though.

I've got grand plans for the rest of the weekend. Chinatown, Statue of Liberty, Comedy club, lunch at a boathouse. I'm also lucky enough to have friends and family nearby, who are more than willing to show me around. Kate, my brother-in-law's sister, is showing me around tomorrow. Annie and I will get together again, and I get to see Mary and Ram before I leave too.

So thanks Joe, for holding down the fort at home. I sure wish you were here with me!

And a NY visit wouldn't be complete with some blaring sirens!


Nancy Sabina said...

What a bummer that your friends couldn't come! But I'm glad you're having fun anyway. Enjoy!

Majo said...

Geniet ervan! Kun je jezelf weer eens lekker opladen :)
Het lijkt mij ook wel wat trouwens.

Amber said...

So jealous of your adventures (even if they didn't turn out exactly as you had planned). Can't wait to read more from new York!

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