Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chinatown Chinatown

Today I explored Chinatown. It has so many interesting sights and views, some that are best described with pictures
This is an herbal pharmacy, where all treatments are made with herbs. They'll do a test on your body, and then decide which herbs should be mixed into medicine.
I wanted to be adventurous and try new things, so when I saw cooked chicken feet, I just had to try them. They were gross.... surprise!
After I was done haggling with the shopkeepers, and saw all the gross food I could handle, I started walking towards SoHo. Or so I thought. I ended up at the Brooklyn bridge (the opposite direction) I was pretty tired from walking so far already, but having heard that it was a cool thing to walk the Brooklyn bridge, made me decide to push along.
Another New York landmark that I hadn't visited was the Empire State building. So I navigated the map, and went to the location. I just couldn't figure out where it was though. A store employee kindly showed me that the Empire State building was straight across the street. Of course I wouldn't recognize it! I was too close!

I got to unwind with Annie and Kah Leong. We had a nice relaxing dinner. I was showing Annie Winter's blog, and her creative writing stories. Annie is an amazing illustrator, and she wanted to illustrate one of Winter's stories. It turned out great!!! Keep an eye out for weekly stories by Winter, illustrated by Annie.

Mary and Ram came back from their weekend house hunting trip, so now I have company at night!!


Renee Campbell said...

The chicken feet are so funny! Nate once had those in Hawaii, he had the same reaction as you, LOL.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised you still have the energy to write about all of your experiences. Power Woman !!!!

Polly said...

Ha, I love and miss this place. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend in NYC.

I actually likes the chicken feet... as long as you don't think about what you are eating. When I was younger I was preparing (washing) a bowl of about 30-40 raw chicken feet for my mom to cook, I picked up one of them and then looked at my own hand... I didn't eat any chicken for the next few years!

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