Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm sure God made mice with as much love, as he did dogs or cats. However, they're not loved like dogs or cats. Why not? Well, I would say some of it has to do with the disease factor. Who wants little critters to eat the food, they will eat later? But that can't be the whole reason. Why would mice make grown up women scream? Will they come after us? No. Will they bite us, and turn us rabbid? No. Maybe it's just the surprise factor. The only time you'll actually SEE as mouse, is when it's scared, an running for cover. Personally mice don't scare me. But I still don't like them. That disease thing... Plus, I don't like them making nests in my furniture, chewing on my food, or making dozens of babies under my bed.

Once in a while a mice gets lost, and ends up in our house. Or did they purposely make the pilgrimage? Don't they know they might become martyrs? Our execution of choice, is a type of guillotine, also known as a Victor mouse trap. The design is simple. The mouse is enticed with some yummy smelling substance, like peanut butter. He comes to check out this delectable treat his "owners" have set out for him. And BAM, lights out. At least it's a quick and humane execution. Even so, I didn't know how to set the trap, and had to resort to the all-knowing youtube for guidance. 6 seconds later I was a pro. The enticing has begun. Two peanut butter laden traps stand proudly by the entrance of his home. and hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the gross duty of removing a dismembered mouse from one them.

Okay... so after trying to find a video that shows a mouse actually getting killed by one of these, I'm officially out of LaLa land. Turns out, lights are not out as soon as the trap hits. The mouse just gets stuck, suffers for a few hours, and then dies. It's ALMOST enough to make me take down the traps.
Death by cat is definitely more humane! Get me back to LaLa land!!

Watch with care... murder in progress

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Hef's Mom said...

ACK! Wow! If I ever need a mouse trap those won't be my choice!

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