Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's December!!

Being in Texas has really thrown me off, in regards to the fact that it's now December, but it feels like September. Today I can easily walk outside without a jacket and not be cold. I really can't believe that Christmas is only 3 weeks away.
One of the things I'm getting into with this whole problem of Christmas cards. For some reason I'm feeling rebellious this year, and really don't want to send out any cards. I guess the people that keep in touch will know everything about us anyways right?? Maybe I'll just send an email or something.

So this week we finally got carpet in, and moved into the rest of our house. We also moved some furniture in, and are finally feeling like we are a little bit at home. Tomorrow we get our wood floor in, so we'll have plenty of work to do with that.

Things are finally settling down a bit though. I feel a lot more relaxed, and just get a couple of projects done each day. I also keep discovering new things in our town Leonard. This week I found out that we even have a movie rental store!! (and Joe found a auto parts store)

Tomorrow we will finally get internet out at our house! Then I'll be able to blog a little more frequently.

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