Friday, December 7, 2007


I have slowly been compiling my IKEA list, and today was the day I finally went. IKEA is the kind of store you can spend all day. They have you follow the arrows weaving through the whole store. It took me about 3 hours today, and that was plenty long for Ginger. By the way, I will never go there with more than 1 kid. They do have a kid play area, but the kid has to be potty trained, and it's only for an hour. Who can shop in an hour at IKEA anyways??

So I got some good stuff while I was there. I got a small table for my breakfast nook. It came with 4 chairs, and only marginally put a dent in my wallet with a price tag of $120. Not to shabby I thought. I also found a really cute rocking Moose (yes, Moose, not horse). I thought I would let Ginger play on the display toys for a minute, and man, she is a rocker!! She rocked on both the mooses, and there were also some other rocking things that rock sideways. A couple of times I was certain that the rocker would tip over. Oh yeah, when we first got there we enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, baked potatoes and bacon for $1. They probably figure you'll spend more time, and thus money, if you have a full belly. If you would get hungry and be forced to leave the store to eat, they would loose business. So I guess they make a lot more money on that $1 breakfast than you would like to know. Other things I got include shelves, some more shelves, and some cute kids bookshelves. It's really amazing how fast everything adds up.

Today after Winter got home from school, Sterling gave away the secret about her horse (what can you expect from a 4 year old?) She was very excited, and they proceeded to go back the pasture where Cookie and Betsy are living. As I was looking through the binoculars I had to laugh when Winter was pulling on Cookie's halter and pulling some more, and some more. Finally she gave up and started to chase the cow. Cute!! Now the kids are helping Joe catch some dinner. I really want to make some ranch coated fish, but that only happens if they catch some. If not... I guess we'll have to have plain rice for dinner

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Nancy Sabina said...

Wow! That's so pioneer! "If they catch a fish we'll eat it, otherwise it's just plain rice." That's really neat. One of the perks of living on a farm I guess.
And how cute that you watch your kids play through binoculars.

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