Friday, December 28, 2007

Spoils of war

We had a fabulous Christmas this past tuesday. On Monday night we reinacted the story of Christ's birth. The kids had a lot of fun being baby Jesus, Joseph, and the donkey

The most exciting gift for me (beside the horse) was the raclette grill mom and dad gave me. It's a grill that you set in the middle of the table during dinner and everyone grills their own food at the table. This is a Swiss tradition and they have a special Raclette cheese they melt and eat with potatoes. Since Dallas is such a big city, we get the conveniences of cool grocery stores. So on wednesday I went to the Central market and actually bought some of this Raclette cheese which has been imported from Switzerland. While I was there I also picked up some good stinky cheese from Italy, and some yummy French style bread. It's too bad that we don't live closer to that store (but probably a good thing too!!)
Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Winter's 6th birthday, and combining it with her cousin Lille's birthday. We have fun stuff planned and it should be a great madhouse with 32 kids, and their parents. It's mostly family, and some friends. We are planning to set up a petting zoo with a cow, sheep, goats, and also pony rides.
It's been very rainy here the last couple of weeks, and now it's VERY muddy. When we were in Switzerland I bought some mud boots, and didn't realize just how much I would need them. It's extra muddy now, because some males (I won't name names) in our family took a Jeep to the upper pasture, so the "road" to the back is really, really, really muddy now. My poor horses have also been suffering from the mud, and slipping and sliding all over the place. So I decided to put them in their stalls for a couple of days. Faith (my horse) has become very attached to Cookie, and started freaking out when separated from her. I actually got one of my fingers stuck when she yanked up her head, and it nice and thick and purple now....

Well, according to my good friend Tiffani, we are now officially white trash. You ask why? Well, a couple of days ago Joe and his friend Neil shot some rabbits that were innocently hopping around our farm, and we ate them that night for dinner. It was actually not too bad. The idea of it is actually worse than the taste. It tastes kind of like chicken. Plus it's nice to know that if we ever run out of money and food, we can just go outside and catch a fish or shoot a rabbit for dinner.

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