Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Sterling participated in his first pinewood derby. With the help of Joe for construction, and me for painting, he put together a great car. He calls it "The crayon box". Google is our friend when it comes to car designs!

I didn't realize how goofy he looked in this photo, or I would have snapped another one. But I guess it's good to keep things real. He is one goofy kid!

Winter and Ginger used the cars Joe and I made for a Varsity derby back in 2005, to test out the track. 
 Miles was happy as a clam. Some days he can be such a pill, but tonight he was an angel!
 Joe got very involved when it came to the wheels and extra lead weight. They spent up to the very last minute weighing it in to the perfect 5oz.
Ready, set, race. The crayon box won 2 out of 3 heats. Not too bad for a practically rectangular box!

 Sterling won the "Most creative" award. He sure loves doing projects with his dad, and also winning things. He was one happy bear tonight!

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angela michelle said...

I'm sure Sterling loved it.

Ugh, ours is coming up this month too. I'm afraid I'm not a big fan of the Pinewood Derby. I hate watching the nervous and then disappointed boys.

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