Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grandpa AC turns 91

Since moving to Utah, the kids get to see grandma and grandpa a lot. This weekend they came up for Great grandpa AC's 91st birthday, and of course we got to spend some quality time with grandma too. Friday afternoon she came to our house, when the kids enjoyed some one-on-one attention and story time.
 Grandma usually has quite the touch when it comes to babies, but for some reason Miles was not having it.
 This morning after cooking waffles and taking Winter on a shopping trip to the local quilt shop, mom drove down to Fillmore with me and the kids. Joe has been in Moab for the last few days mountain biking with Stephen Sidwell. I pretty much think he's in heaven. Driving his Jeep down to Moab, with his bike on the rack

 Since Joe refuses to write on his own blog, I guess I have to hijack his riding photos, and share what he's been up to. At the top of Porcepine rim
 Monkeying around. Reliving the glory days.
Down in Fillmore the kids had lots of fun with their cousins.

It makes me so happy to see Sterling having such a good friend in his cousin Levi, especially since he doesn't have a brother close in age.
Grandpa AC and his cute new wife Madge
 Grilling up some burgers and hot dogs with uncle Cleve.
 Miles prefers his bouncy seat
 It was fun to catch up with uncle Joe, Adam, and Rozy. I haven't seen Rozy since Joe and I were engaged 12 years ago. She changed from a 14 year old teenager to a mother of 2.5.

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