Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moab again

Our plan for Memorial day weekend was to camp and explore close to home. The Wasatch national forest is beautiful and has some great biking and scenery, but when it started raining while i was packing and the weather report said 60% chance of rain, we gladly changed our plan and headed south. We had been planning to make this trip with our friends the Judds for a while, and let them lead the way towards a camping spot. We ended up by the San Rafael Swell where there were supposed to be some slot canyons for exploration. By the time we got to the spot, it was pitch dark and the sandstorm blizzard in full gear. With the help of some flashlights, we barely managed to set up our humongous new tent
Miles was perfectly happy hanging out with Winter in her sleeping bag while I made his own bed.
On Saturday after breakfast we started driving to find the slot canyons. The wind was howling and everything was whited-out by the dust. We drove for hours, and never did find any hiking spots. Finally, we decided we had had enough of this place, and that Moab would be a better place to be.
Rolling into Moab, the storm was just dying down. By the time we found our camping spot (at an actual campground, since we'd had enough driving for the day) the weather was nice enough to have foil dinners on our fire. Mmmm! How I love a good foil dinner. Tiffani did a great job fancying it up with cream soup and yummy spices.
Tiffani's style of camping reminded me of the "Pampered Chef" she is. Their trailer has everything you have in a regular kitchen including a freezer. She has all the tools any person would long for in a regular kitchen, let alone a camping trailer.
The kids entertained themselves with reading
Playing with sticks and pokies
We enjoyed ourselves with the Judd's 4-wheelers. (No infants were harmed in taking this photo)
And of course we had some good times telling stories and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.
The next day we drove to the other side of the river off Potash road to Wall Street. These cliffs have many rock climbing routes, some harder than other. Winter was a bit comprehensive at first, since this wall looks quite different from the wall at the gym. Their practice at the gym has paid off though. The climbs were just right for them. We did 4 different routes, some harder than others. What was supposed to be a few hours of climbing, turned into an all day activity. And my arms got a good workout from belaying!
Monday morning we went for a quick swim in the Colorado river before going to Canyonlands National Park for a peek at Mesa arch. This arch isn't as impressive as delicate arch, but the landscape in the background is amazing. And the dropoff right behind the arch is dizzying.
This weekend was a great camping weekend, which is why we love living in Utah. We love everything associated with camping, including dust, campfire smell, dirty clothes, and dirty babies.

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It is so great that you are doing just what you wanted to do with your move to Utah!

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