Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maple Canyon

On the way home from Fillmore, we followed uncle Joe and Adam to Maple Canyon for some rock climbing. Adam is somewhat of a pro, and I had been dying to see him in action. He truely is amazing! Hanging from 2 fingers, upside down. Lead climbing sections where if he falls, he'd hit the other side of the rocks and tumble halfway to the ground. 

Joe had a go at some climbs too. I sat this one out, still being sore from a weight lifting class I attended on Friday morning. Next time we'll have to make sure to get some harnesses for the kids, as they were very disappointed not to be able to climb.
 Miles was fussy, so I tried feeding him, rocking him, and bouncing, but in the end he was the happiest laying on the ground
 We had the chance to see the Lunar Eclipse. Our upstairs neighbor Brent came up with the brilliant idea to use a welding helmet to look at the sun without damaging our eyes. So I used this piece of dark glass to photograph the eclipse. Maybe it's time to invest in some dark filters...

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