Saturday, January 21, 2012

REAL snow

This is the kind of snow I've been waiting for. The kind of snow from movies. The type that has big white fluffy flakes that stick to everything. The stuff that gets bad drivers stuck in ditches.
Today the kids had snowboarding lessons again, otherwise we probably wouldn't have headed out in this wonderful snow blizzard.
We threw a few sets of chains from our landlord in the van and headed out. The drive was slow, but our relatively new tires and FWD did a great job of getting us where we needed to be.

After some less-than-successful lessons (because of the powder), the parking lot was a disaster. Both set of chains didn't actually fit the van, so I felt a little nervous without a backup plan. Again, we saw many people spin out and getting stuck, but Joe's professional driving got us out of there without a problem.
The scariest part of snow like this, are the idiot drivers on the road with us. They think that just because they have a big 4x4 truck, they can race past everyone at 60 miles per hour. Not that their 4x4's will do them any good if they try to stop!
We made it up the hill, and all the way home. Our clothes are all hung up and drying, and my slippers feel snuggly warm on my feet.

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