Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be positive!

I ironed today. Those who know me, know what a rare occasion this is. I also got a UT license, went to the bank, grocery store, helped with homework, did dishes, and took care of some administrarive stuff. But. If you ask me tomorrow what I'v accomplished, there's a good change I can only remember the things that haven't been done, or that I failed at. The mountain of clean clothes that still takes over my bed. Or the whiny kids I want to send to time-out for the rest of the day. Or the photos I still need to edit for My sil.

And my feelings about it can change by the minute. Depending on the amount of noise around me. Or the amount of children tattling or crying. A few minutes ago I was feeling great after ironing 4 shirts, but then I saw my remaining to-do list, trying not to snap at Sterling who is crying over lost Lego instructions, and energy deficiency to cook dinner.

Oh, I try to focus on the positive! Sometimes it's just hard


Nancy Sabina said...

Amen, sister.

Wendy said...

I honestly think that when I look at fb, blogs and things like that, even if it is just 5 minutes in between, I never feel like I have done enough because I see the thing other people have done (mind you several people combined) and then what I have done, seems like not that much.
Good for you!*
Seems to me that you do alot most days.

*the ironing.

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