Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family time

Somehow I've never really blogged about my parents' breakup, maybe because it's too hard to put into words how I feel about the whole thing. My sister Wendy explained it pretty well on her blog. They have been divorced for a a year now, and both moved on and found new people. This weekend my mom tied the knot with Roger in Salt Lake. I was glad to be able to actually be there, being 36 weeks pregnant and all. If we lived pretty much anywhere else in the world, I would have had to miss it.

I love my sisters. Especially when I get to spend time with them. Wendy and family drove down from Boise Idaho, and Emma flew in from Holland for the wedding. Emma and I got to do some shopping on Friday at the outlet mall. Friday night we had a get together and dinner for Majo and Roger, and we met our new stepfamily. It's really strange to think we immediately have a large branch of people that are now kind of like family.

Yesterday was the big day, and they got sealed at the Bountiful temple.
My favorite part about spending time with my sisters are the downtimes just hanging out. Just chatting about any- and everything. It's being so comfortable with each other that you never have an awkward silence moment. It's being able to completely be yourself, and know they understand. They "get" me. And I "get" them.
An added plus: the cousins are spending quality time getting to know each other.
And enjoying the snow.
I'm nearing week 37 of this pregnancy. I kind of feel huge, but not at the same time (not sure if that makes sense). But then I see pictures of myself, and realize I really AM huge.


Maddy S said...

You look adorable! So is your mom moving to the States? Did all your babies come on time, early, late?

Bea said...

Fijn dat je deze foto's geplaatst hebt. Kan ik achteraf op afstand ook een beetje bij een groot deel van mijn familie zijn. En je ziet er prachtig uit met je mooie buik hoor!

Nancy Sabina said...

Time with sisters is always special. I'm so glad you were all able to be there for your Mom.

You look great! If you can still fit your ankles into boots at 8 or 9 months pregnant - you're doing pretty dang good!

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