Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life is fragile

Life is fragile. My friend Lisa had us over for dinner less than a week ago. Thursday night her and her family with 4 little kids were siting in our famy room chatting and laughing. The very next morning she got a phone call from her doctor that will change her life forever. An MRI showed a large tumor in her brain.

I've known people with brain tumors including my own mom, but it has bever hit so hard as this time. Lisa is so young and healthy! She has 4 kids under age five. This solidified that this could happen to anyone. Including me.

It also helps me to appreciate modern medicine. Just 2 days after the diagnosis she has had surgery to have the tumor removed. We have prayed and fasted, and realize that our fate ultimately lies in God's hands, but prayer is very powerful.


Bea said...

Wat erg Jessica! Voor haarzelf, maar vooral ook voor dat jonge gezin. Ik hoop dat het helemaal in orde komt en dat jullie nog lang van jullie vriendschap mogen genieten.

Lisa said...

Thanks for uaouar aupoart. Obviously the prayers ave love have been felt and are helping. U,'m sure I'll need your help more heft week. I'm trying to convince them that I can go home soon.Thanks!

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