Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nearing the end, and a new beginning

As the weeks count down, I know this baby will come soon. My body is ready. My mind is ready. But am I emotionally ready? It seems like eons ago that Ginger was a tiny baby. Part of me worries I won't remember how to do things right. I worry that I'm underestimating the amount of work this new baby will bring. The countless hours of sleep I will miss. Of course, this is probably nature's way of protecting us. Enabling to grow our families. Because once this sweet baby is here, I'm sure all those things become a mute point. What will be important is the soft baby cheeks, and little gurgles. The love we instantly develop for our little ones. And a feeling that we could never imagine not having this baby as part of our family.

Part of my worries are because of my lack of preparedness. There are many things I'm getting from friends and family including a cradle, crib, car seat, some clothes, and swing. The only thing I seem to have gotten (almost) ready are the diapers. Some more inserts need to be made, as well as cloth wipes. and diaper pail liners. But I'm afraid since I'm still lacking a lot of things. Like burp cloths, binkies, blankets, sheets, clothes, onesies, socks etc etc. Of course nothing bad will happen if I don't have any of those items. The baby will still come, and he will be fine. And most of it will be solved with a trip or two to the consignment kids clothing store. So I try to set my worries aside, and just make a list. A shopping list, so I can stop worrying, and start shopping.


Bea said...

You write: ".........., and he will be fine. Am I right in thinking you are going to have a boy? That would be so nice. Two boys and two girls.
Anyway, I wish you strength with the last stretch.

Maddy S said...

Nesting... I am sure you'll also get lots of things at a baby shower. I can't wait to meet the new bundle of joy. I am glad you had a good and easy pregnancy.

Wendy said...

I might bring you a thing or two ;)
and like you said... Once he is here, all the sleepless nights wont matter. Just little earmarks on your arm from nursing :) And soft little lips to kiss and fingers and toes to count.

Nancy Sabina said...

Might I suggest that you post that list of things you need on this blog? And then you just might receive a package or two of used and/or new things from your loved ones.
*hint* *hint*
(or at least send me an email with some suggestions!)

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