Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Somehow another blogless week has slipped by. It keeps happening! My dad moved out of the last house him and my mom lived in together over the weekend. They both have small apartments, and of course had built up large amounts of stuff over the years. Even with moving every 3 years or so, I'm always amazed how much crap us humans accumulate. And Sunday we celebrated my dad's birthday at my house, with his apartment still in shambles. We had a full house, and great time catching up with my aunts and uncles.

I know that talking about the weather is somewhat cliche, but I just HAVE to mention it. Somehow my memories told me that Holland is always wet. Always raining. But the past few months it has only rained a few dozen times. And it's actually quite hot outside today. And sunny! I might even get a tan! With this great weather, I've made it a point to try and go out into nature and enjoy it. The variety of green colors. The sun shining through the trees. The cool breeze through my hair. You get the picture.
Monday after school I took the kids to a local petting zoo. It's a privately owned farm, that allows visitors to come for free to adore the animals. They do make some money selling fresh cheese, milk for the baby goats, and a restaurant, but you can also enjoy the animals completely free. I sat with the baby goats for a good hour, just reminiscing the good times we had on the farm. If I had to name one thing I miss about the US, it's our farm. I love the quiet, and the animals, and the view. It awoke something inside me. A sort of desire for nature.

The kids get an extended 2 week vacation. It starts with good Friday and Easter, and goes from there. In Holland they still allow Easter celebrations at school (and taking pictures in the classroom, don't get me started on that subject!). So each child brought their own silverware and egg holder, and they had a brunch at school.
Then I took Ginger's class to a different petting zoo on a field trip.
Even though the kids are in school every day, I still never get out to go shopping. But this afternoon the Primary had an activity, and since church is in the middle of downtown Zoetermeer, I decided to do some clothes shopping. The kids really needed some short sleeved shirts with this wonderful weather! I've never been a fan of spending money on kids clothes, but right now the stores have some great pastel colored clothing.

And that's a lame way to end a post, but it's all I've got.


Nancy Sabina said...

Sounds great! All of it!

Anonymous said...

We are having a wonderful spring so far.

Enjoy it!

Cheers, Inge

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