Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Some bloggers are really good at writing interesting stories. My inspiration has been a bit lacking. And to show that I do live every day, and not just the fun days at volleyball tournaments, I'll show some snapshots Emma took yesterday afternoon.
That picture just makes me so happy. Even though at the moment I might not have felt it. I'm so blessed to have 3 whiny, loving, beautiful kids.
I grudgingly read a story to Sterling
sometimes you just feel like this

or this
model in the making?
Whenever someone else gets their picture taken, Winter has to pose as well
beautiful sunset behind fingerprint smudged windows
Yesterday was an ordinary day.

The kids went to school.
I caught up on laundry, did some cleaning, and put up with the painters bugging me all day.
I helped Sterling read at school.
I managed to squeeze in a 30 minute power nap.
After school was over, Emma came over (not a super ordinary thing, but yet still normal)
Both Winter and Ginger had friends over to play. Ginger was crying and whining half the time, because she didn't think she has enough toys to play with.
All the kids took showers (a little less ordinary than I'd like to admit on a public blog)
At 5 pm, I was trying to decide what to make for dinner. We decided on pannenkoeken, but realized we didn't have any eggs.
I biked to the store, and spend about 10 times more than planned
Dinner was finally ready at 7pm
Right when I was ready to throw the kids in bed at 8pm, the Home Teachers came over, and stayed longer than expected.
Kids finally hit the hay at 8.45pm
I tricked Emma into staying longer, until it was really time for her to trek back to Den Haag at 10 pm.
2 minutes later, Joe arrived home.
I stayed up too late watching shows on the internet.
Magically I made it into bed before midnight.


Farmer Joe said...

Love it!

Nancy Sabina said...

I love the photo of the fingerprint smudged sunset. A perfect analogy for...something.

auntie Bea said...

Hè, gelukkig, jij bent ook maar een gewoon mens.

Farmer Joe said...

@Nancy - For life with kids! Why do they insist on touching glass...

Emma said...

hahaha Double like!! especcially the tricking me part (I did not have to be tricked :P )

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