Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hamburg Volleyball

Catching up on my blog is not something I enjoy. These type of blog posts quickly turn into boring step by step accounts of things that happened, rather than the emotion filled posts, when I write while things are happening to me. Anyways...

Since I didn't have my computer on my easter weekend trip to Hamburg, I don't have any other option than to kind of summarize everything that happened. Every other year, the church organizes a regional volleyball tournament in Hamburg. Teams come from all over Europe, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. Most of those countries' main language is German, and of course the Dutch speak Dutch. But the one common language is ...... you guessed right: English.

We left around 3pm, and apparently many other people decided to go on holiday for Easter weekend, because we saw a LOT of this

A trip that should have taken 5 hours, took 7 hours. We had fun in the car though, blasting music on the awesome stereo in Anouk's car. It was Emma, Christa, Anouk and me in the car. We each brought our ipod, and just jammed to the music.

I've debated whether or not I should post this following photo, but I found it pretty funny
Our area brought 2 women's teams. I was part of the "B-team", which had all the fun girls. Unfortunately 1 of our players got hurt riding her bike, and 2 others canceled, so we were left with just 5 players. This of course meant that we were at the mercy of substitute players. Some games we were lucky and had super players. One game we got a player that was worst than having no one in that spot. In the end we did okay, and won the loser's pool (5th place).
But volleyball is only part of the equation to a fun weekend with many other LDS folks. The first night we had a "bonte avond", with skits and other fun activities.
I even participated in 2 mime skits with Emma and made a total fool of myself.
The second night was the dance. Anytime I attend a dance, I get somewhat frustrated with the fact that dance partners are hard to find. Set aside that fact that not many guys can dance, and just consider the fact that I'm a married woman, and not trying to hit on a man when I ask them to dance, makes the options smaller. I usually stick to just dancing with men who know me, to avoid the awkwardness. I was able to find a few men willing to dance with me, and had fun with that, but at one point ended up flat on my back. I was wearing my stiletto heels, and somehow the heel of my left foot had gotten caught in between my foot and shoe of my right side.
Sunday morning we had a little Easter breakfast at our hostess' house. Complete with dyed eggs!
The apartment we stayed in had the coolest bathroom. Apparently this old building didn't used to have a bathroom, so they had to maximize the space they did have.

Sunday after church a bunch of Dutch and Swiss people hung out on a grassy field by a lake. It was so fun to get to know some new people.
They even brought a rope for tight-rope walking
The Swiss liked to surprise unknowing loungers by piling on top of them
The lake was very picturesque.
The weekend was a big success with fun volleyball, people, and activities. Next time I'll definitely bring Joe along!!

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