Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun filled weekend

The past 4 Friday nights, the whole family has gone to volleyball practice. The church in Holland annually organizes a humongous volleyball tournament. All stakes are invited (3 or 4), and many attend. As a teen I loved this full day of play, even though our team never made it past the first round. Now we are living in one of the 3 wards who has good players, and the possibility of winning is so exciting. So as a family we go to practice, and while Joe and I play, the kids run around and generally have fun. Winter is the only one who is really interested in volleyball too, and practices with us.
Emma is leaving the nest, and yesterday was the big moving day. She is moving in with 3 of her best friends, and they got a cute little apartment in Den Haag. Having helped her pack, I was nervous when I saw the size of her room that she would be sharing with her friend.
The sun was out, and we were just a few miles from the beach, so we decided to enjoy the sun and hit the beach. It's amazing to see how many people flock to the beach at the first sign of sunshine.
You can always count on Ginger to come up with the most original outfitThis weekend is also general conference weekend, and with the time difference, we had to wait to watch saturday's session until today. Nice not to have a full weekend of conference! We can watch it anytime on the internet, and the option to pause it to explain things to the kids has been especially helpful. I found that when the kids just watch the talk, they don't actually hear anything. But if I just explain what the speaker is saying in normal language, they can be spiritually uplifted.After helping the kids listen to a talk, I banished them upstairs, and settled down in my own little conference station. I can actually listen and focus better, if I'm doing something else simultaneously. If I don't, my mind starts wandering.

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Amber said...

Okay Gingers outfit rocks! Love it! Her & Claire would probably be the best of friends!

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