Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Samaritan

Today I was happy to experience that there are still genuinely honest and good people in this world.

Earlier, I went to pick up Winter on Joe's brommer. I had my phone in my pocket, and Joe even commented on how it was only halfway in there. I sort of mocked him (in my mind) for worrying about my phone, and had all intentions to transfer it to my jacket pocket. Of course I forgot about it, and apparently lost it somewhere along the way.

But I didn't miss it, or even realized it was gone, until Joe came down with his phone telling me the person on the line had found my phone. Apparently the good Samaritan had found the phone in 3 pieces (front, battery, and back) in the grass. She started some detective work, and figured out through text messages that Emma is my sister. (Emma is pretty much the only person I text with, and we text often). So Samaritan texted Emma

"Hallo! Are you Emma's sister? We found her cell phone. Call this number, or else at xxx-xxxx, so she can pick it up. Thanks"

Before Emma had a chance to respond to Samaritan, we got lucky by our laziness. Joe was working upstairs, while I was in the living room. I guess he wanted to help me find my phone (which I still consciously didn't realize was missing, nor was looking for) and to tell me some other stuff instead of walking down stairs and telling me in person. A very strange conversation followed with Joe talking to this girl, who he thought was me, and she must have been wondering why the heck someone was talking to her in English, and then I come on the phone confused, and finally figure out I have lost my phone, and this girl on the phone has it.

I was very happy that she took the time to put this phone back together, she could have just as easily tossed it in the canal. I'm glad she tracked me down, when a different person might have enjoyed some free cell phone minutes and racked up my bill. And I'm glad to know that there are still good people in this world. It's so easy sometimes to just see all the evil going around, that it's easy to forget all the good.


Farmer Joe said...

For the record, I didn't speak a single word of English to that girl....but it did take a few seconds to figure out that she was herself and not you (pretending to be someone else).

auntie Bea said...

hmmm, ik ga er meestal van uit dat mensen goede bedoelingen hebben, totdat het tegendeel is bewezen.

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