Monday, December 13, 2010


Ginger's comment when all of a sudden the car started smelling really bad. "Eewww, who farted? Then, looking over to the boy next to her who had just taken off his shoes and socks : "Eewwww, his feet just farted!"

Winter's birthday is always during Christmas break, so she misses out on having a party at school. Since we will be leaving her school, I thought it would be important for her to celebrate her birthday. Instead of sending processed sugars in the form of cupcakes to school though, I remember what the Dutch kids do. In Holland it's all about who brings the coolest treat for their birthday. And often these treats are healthy. After some research, Winter picked the flower garden
I hope the kids in her class will love them as much as I do!

A funny sight I spotted as I was heading up to bed
Winter is usually the one who sleeps in too late, is running around trying to find her stuff at the last minute, and not very prepared. Sterling is the one who is always prepared. She must be really excited about her party at school tomorrow.


Nancy Sabina said...

Those are adorable flowers. At our county's school's they've actually banned bringing any food at all for birthday's - too much sugar. I had to resort to sending silly bands for Naomi's birthday.

Wendy said...

yay for the dutch way of birthday treats!
Before long you'll be all nederlands again!
Ginger is funny!
Kis to Winter I'm going to have one just like that, b-day during christmas break!

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