Thursday, December 30, 2010


As I sit here eating my breakfast, anticipating today's big move, I can't help but contemplate all my accomplishments from the past 12.5 years. In August 1998, I got on an airplane with 2 suitcases and my mother. Today, I will get on a plane with 10 suitcases, a husband, and 3 kids. In the mean time, I earned a college degree, got married, gave birth to 3 children, attempted to raise 3 children, baptized one of those children, explored my hobbies such as dancing, harping, photographing and sewing, lived in 4 different states, honed my English skills, and hopefully became a better person.

What my future looks like, remains to be seen. Holland might be the first of many countries, or we might go right back to America in just a short year. I might find a job, or I might not. I will embrace my Dutch culture and tradition, and hold on to my American ones. I will love my husband and kids. I will get to know my extended family all over again. And most important: I will be happy wherever I am.


Amber said...

I love this post! You listed so many things that would bring happiness to anyone, but it's great you recognize the importance of finding such happiness anywhere you go. And you should be proud of all you've accomplished. That's a busy 13 years if I do say so myself. Have fun! I can't wait to read all about your many adventures this next year!!

Nancy Sabina said...

Great post. I am excited to see what you crazy kids do next! I hope you have an awesome time in ...what's it called... Holland.

Catherine M. said...

We love you and miss you already. Keep us updated - and remind me how to use this skype thing.

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