Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Helmets in Airplanes?

With our departure less than 48 hours away, it feels like there's a mountain on my shoulder. So many things to remember, last minute errands to run, tons of laundry to do, decisions to make on what to bring, packing carefully to maximize capacity, and worrying I'll forget something important.

The only nice thing about moving to another continent in suitcases, is that the decision process is relatively simple (as in not complex). Items either go in the suitcase, in the trash, in storage, or to Goodwill. One moment the mountain seems to shrink, until the very next moment when I remember we somehow have to fit 2 motorcycle helmets in the luggage. Maybe we can wear them in the airport, and tell any questioning stewardesses that we want to be prepared in case of a crash?


Nancy Sabina said...

I hate hard to pack things like that! The fishing pole we brought to Mexico for Christopher was like that for me. I kept packing and re-packing the entire suitcase around it. Good luck!

Wendy said...

why two?

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