Saturday, December 11, 2010


One of the American traditions I have come to love, is driving around and looking at Christmas lights. My first recollection of doing so, is from 1999. I spent my Christmas break with my best friend and roommate Jessica Teeples. We all piled up in the back of a pick up truck, snuggled under blankets, and just enjoyed decorated houses. After that first year, some years we go out, others we don't. But I love it! There's just something magical about lights. I'm sure that's what the professionals in Las Vegas would tell you too.

Frisco is the town next to ours, and has one of the 10 best synchronized lights in America (Google said so) Even though you couldn't be there to enjoy it live, you can still enjoy it:

The lights are amazing, and of course the traffic is crazy. I feel for those living next door to them though, as they would carefully have to plan when to come to and from their house. I don't know why the Dutch don't decorate their homes to the same extent and the American, besides the fact that they're a lot more energy conscious. In that regard perhaps I've become too American...

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