Monday, October 18, 2010

Visiting the Sidwells

Stephen Sidwell is one of Joe's good friends from BYU. They worked at Outdoors Unlimited
(the BYU bike shop) together, and did a lot of mountain biking together. After they both got married, life has pulled them to different states, but they still keep in contact. These last few
days we had to opportunity to make the trek to Fort Collins Colorado for a visit. Stephen is a dentist, and graciously offered to give us some much needed dental care (the kids don't have
insurance, and our insurance is pretty crappy). So Thursday we spent all morning at
the dentist office.Friday and Saturday we were able to play. The kids really wanted to see the "snowy
mountains". We did an amazing 4 mile hike along several mountain lakes.

Photo by Krista
Joe carried Winter when she got tired (Photo by Krista)
Krista was my photography buddy
Final destination: Emerald Lake (photo by Krista)

Saturday morning Joe and Stephen went mountain biking. After that, we all headed to the pumpkin patch.
In the afternoon, the Sidwells had a cubscout meeting, so we took our family on a fun bike ride along the river.
We finished the day off strong, with dinner and PF Changs. Why do fun times like these have to end?


Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Ram will die when he sees these, for him, Colorado is the promised land. (he's never actually been there though)

Nancy Sabina said...

That pic of you and Joe is so perfect! You look like a postcard!

Looks like an awesome trip.

Renee Campbell said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Joe carrying Ginger is classic. Looks like fun!

kashurst said...

Beautiful pics! What q fun trip.!

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